DIY Portable Solar Power Station

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You will need a deep cycle group 24 battery for this configuration. I would shop that locally for the best deal. Also you will need red and black primary wire and an assortment of automotive wire connectors.

Solar Cable Connectors 

You only need two pair for one panel but I found this was the cheapest way to beat Murphy’s law.







Solar Cables

This is for 10′ of cable positive (red) and negative (black). It coils nicely for storage when not in use.







Connector Crimper

You will need this tool to attach to the solar connectors to the solar cable.








Makes a nice visual to see what the charge is in your battery.








Rocker Switch

This is for the voltmeter so you can turn it off when you don’t need to see the voltmeter reading. It comes in a pack of 5 and you only need 1 but again this was the cheapest way to buy it and have a backup if you need it.






Circuit Breaker

Need two of these so you don’t blow up the battery if the main is shorted together. One for the inverter and one for the solar panel.





Solar Panel

Only 26.6 x 1.1 x 14.1 inches It is large enough to do the job and small enough to be portable. Very sturdy frame to allow you to track the sun.







Battery Box

The case to house it all.







Power Inverter

This is the work horse and enables you to convert 12v to 120v so you can power all your laptop and devices including your friends stuff.







Cut-off switch

This will disconect the inverter to aid in faster re-charging times and has a key to makes it safer when not attended or transporting. Even though the inverter has an on an off switch it constantly draws power when connected to the battery. This switch makes sure it is off.





Battery Tender

You will need this to recharge between uses and to maintain battery health when in storage.




Battery Tender Connector

You will need this to accommodate the battery tender






Connector Set

This has most of the connections you will need