About iconMatrix

We make 1s’ and 0s’ behave in an orderly fashion….

Does your website need updating or maybe you need to start a web presence.  Steve, our lead designer will be more than happy to consult with you for a fresh new look. Need a site that can be updated on the fly then let us implement WordPress for you. Need a social website? We love the elgg platform where anything you might want is available from our team of elgg developers. Need references backing iconMatrix? Contact any one of our clients and ask what they think of iconMatrix.com and their attention to customers needs.

iconMatrix has been on the world wide web since 1999. Kicking the chalk dust around in the girls fastpitch industry. It has been about iconMatrix helping directors manage their tournaments through the magic of php. We were born as the web developer for SFS Rebels in Southern California. With the flexibility of the internet we were able to relocate to our home in New Mexico.

We are on a VPS server, managed by GreenGeeks that sits on top of the Singlehop backbone. All green companies, right here in the United States.