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March 5, 2013

We have been busy creating different styles for our clients and thought, why not, let show off what we have done. Maybe it will spark an idea within you to get creative or for us to allow your ideas to flourish. Do you need a new button or a business card logo image for your current design? And yes we have even done tee shirts. Let us at iconMatrix create your image needs



LV Tourneys needed an new logo that would fit nicly on a ball cap or visor and as a emblem on a polo shirt or jersey sleeve. This is what we came up with. Added the flames to tie in with her long standing home page




The OC Batbusters have had the same logo for years. Gary thought that it needed a change that fit his organization’s reputation that still fell back on the team’s heritage. We kept the original maroon and silver colors and the traditional broken bat and went crazy from there!

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